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Improve your health & income by helping others

Learn to Coach Others & Earn Imcome

I built a career, lifestyle and team helping and mentoring others with coaching.

Mike Karpenko

What started out as big question and simple love for fitness turned into the best decision I ever made in my life. That one decision turned into having the greatest friends and team, control of time and a business I am proud of. I change lives.

Learn how you can help yourself live a healthy fulfilling life while helping others to the same.

We are team and community ready to support you on fitness goals, career of helping others.

The 10lb Challenge

What’s New? The Latest Challenge

10 lb challenge - Mike Karpenko

First 10, Next 10 or Last 10 lbs

Join My NExt Virtual Fitness Boot Camp

Take Your Fitness to the Next Level

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Get in shape! Now!

Start the current 30-day virtual fitness camp. Youā€™ will be paired with a meal plan, workout routine, and fitness tools to fit your current level and goals combined with support, and friendship with others just like you.

Each Camp will have a private exclusive group on Facebook or app ensure a positive and fun support environment to further help with accountability, results and your goals.

Supercharge Your Day!

Create a customized morning routine that will change your life.

Get Supercharge Your Day, the ebook that will help you start your everyday the right way by walking you through the steps of crafting your own personal morning routine that will have you motivated to conquer each day.

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Rochelle Johnson
Mike Karpenko is down to earth, honest, and motivating. He shares his knowledge of fitness and health tirelessly. Coaching with him has been an honor and pleasure!
Kari Storm Maker Bartruff
There are only a few words I can say when I think of Mike Karpenko. He is generous with his time, always giving more than most would. He is a phenomenal coach and mentor, always striving to find a better way to help us out. He is a true, down to earth man who is humble and caring. It has been my pleasure working with him in these last few months and I look forward to many years ahead!!
Katie Burke
I recently just started working with Mike. He is so supportive and willing to assist in my growth as well as the rest of my fellow coaches. I am super excited to have him as a mentor!
Lisa Lai
Mike helps you discover and address things that are holding you back. He makes leading a healthy lifestyle something you want to do vs something you have to do. If you want to improve your health-ask Mike!

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