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Drop The Fads And Join Me.

Are You're Done Experimenting With Your Health?

Fit Identity Health, Fitness & Coaching uses proven methods developed by me and Team Fit Identity.

fit camp - Mike Karpenko

Each Virtual fit camp has a high level of support, motivation, and accountability to help you achieve your goals faster and easier.

With over 15 consecutive years of running online groups and helping others just like you get to their goals. I am confident you can find answers and success as you start your fitness journey with me.

Rochelle Johnson
Mike Karpenko is down to earth, honest, and motivating. He shares his knowledge of fitness and health tirelessly. Coaching with him has been an honor and pleasure!
Kari Storm Maker Bartruff
There are only a few words I can say when I think of Mike Karpenko. He is generous with his time, always giving more than most would. He is a phenomenal coach and mentor, always striving to find a better way to help us out. He is a true, down to earth man who is humble and caring. It has been my pleasure working with him in these last few months and I look forward to many years ahead!!
Katie Burke
I recently just started working with Mike. He is so supportive and willing to assist in my growth as well as the rest of my fellow coaches. I am super excited to have him as a mentor!
Lisa Lai
Mike helps you discover and address things that are holding you back. He makes leading a healthy lifestyle something you want to do vs something you have to do. If you want to improve your health-ask Mike!
30-Day Virtual Boot Camp - Mike Karpenko

30 Days Virtual Boot Camp

It is designed to help, support and motivate you!

The Bootcamp will:

  1. Give you a clear plan for your health and fitness goals
  2. Give you a positive environment to be committed
  3. Provide you with the resources to keep your consistent.
  4. Boost your confidence to help you achieve success.
  5. Support, motivate you and hold you accountable to your goals.

How I can help you?

Prioritize You

You are the priority. I build a relationship with you, understand your goals, learn your schedule and share your commitment. I want to know you, where you're at, where you want to be, how you feel and how you want to feel.

Care & believe in you

I care and believe in you. I want what you want for your health and fitness. You will be supported daily in your quest to achieve your health goals. My daily goals is to make sure you feel powerful, worthy and successful even on those challenging days.

Provide resources, support & accountabilty

I am always updating my process inside my groups to provide you with the absolute best support, motivation, and accountability. Team Unbreakable uses quality proven systems and products that work.

Supply solutions for your needs

I get it. With over 1,000 workouts and nutrition plans that are streamed or downloaded on most devices, there is a solution for YOU. The challenges of limited time, limited space, limited equipment, limited resources and limited knowledge can all be solved. All you need is the “Being Unbreakable is the only Option” mentality.

Help you be a better human

I have built a community of people who want to be better and help others be better, not just health and fitness, but as people. The mission is to become a high performer in life. Health and fitness are fundamental for living a life of peak performance and they are essential in becoming UNBREAKABLE. I work with you to become an athlete in life.

Get you fit and keep you fit

To get fit and healthy is one thing, to stay that way is another. Join me and get as start date with no end date! Once you are in, you are in for as long as you want. Life has its ebbs and flows, and goals change, but I remain constant. I am not here to sell you, I am here to help you, stand by you, and positively impact your health and fitness.