Chat GPT Ai and MY Breakdown of the Top 7 Reasons Men Over 40 Need Dig Deeper

Chat GPT Ai and MY Breakdown Top 7 Reasons Men Over 40 Need 'Dig Deeper

If you’re a man over 40 looking to reclaim your health and fitness, you’ve come to the right place. In today’s video, we dive deep into Beachbody’s “Dig Deeper” 12-week, 3-phase workout program. AI has identified the top 7 reasons why this program is a game-changer for men over 40, and I’ll be breaking down each point with my personal insights and experience.

1. Decreased Metabolism: As we age, our metabolism slows down. “Dig Deeper” revs up your metabolism with high-intensity workouts, helping you burn more calories.

2. Lack of Exercise: This program fits into your busy schedule with efficient, effective workouts, ensuring you stay active and healthy.

3. Loss of Muscle Mass: After 40, maintaining muscle mass is crucial. The strength training in “Dig Deeper” helps build and preserve muscle, enhancing strength and vitality.

4. Poor Diet Choices: “Dig Deeper” provides nutritional guidance to help you make better food choices that support your fitness goals.

5. Stress: The program includes stress-relief techniques and promotes a balanced lifestyle, improving your mental well-being.

6. Lack of Motivation: With a clear plan and regular milestones, “Dig Deeper” keeps you motivated and on track to achieve your goals.

7. Hormonal Changes: The program addresses hormonal shifts with targeted exercises and nutrition tips to help you feel your best.

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Shakeology Fatigue


8 Weeks ago, I started back. I had no expectations, no idea how I would feel about it, an open mind – I was focused on a plan, in a system, Goal: do what is required.
This what I learned:

Here is why I previously quit drinking the “super” shake Shakeology.  

Yes, I did quit drinking it for more than a year, probably close to 2 years.

Before this goes any further this is not some bait and switch headline. I did quit with a tornado if feelings and fatigue, only to have started using it again as of 2 months ago – Let me explain.

As always, I am going to be BRUTUALLY upfront and honest. I am aware that writing this, my words can be taken apart, out of context and used not for its purpose or my good will intentions. But who am I not to live in risk. lol

I Quit Because of Fatigue

I call it Shakeology Fatigue Syndrome. I used Shakeology for many years, 365 days a year, I feel with that level of usage I can call it just that.
In no particular order this was my fatigue:

  • Taste fatigue: I have been drinking it for year and was just tired of the taste. The more you add to the shake to make it taste different the more it is no longer Shakeology. The same flavors day in, day out, had me craving a change. Altering the shake too much, I felt, stripped away its essence.
  • Usage Fatigue: I was tired of using it as a snack, 160 calories were not enough for a meal, and I did not like using it with other food to complete a meal.
  • Marketing Fatigue: I was tired of seeing shaker cups, of drink this, it’s a must, it’s the solution to your health. I grew to have promotional pains that I can only describe as the incessant marketing chants and “must-drink” mantras grew tiresome.
  • Work Fatigue: I was tired of it being the main part of most offers that Beachbody/Body would put together with fitness programs and nutrition plans. It got to a point where customers, coaches/partners, and potential customers felt if they did not purchase it they could not be in my community or work with me. Which was UNTRUE. I was tired of hearing “it did not work for me” I felt the expectations  and the gap between of what it is and does were too big.
  • Cupboard Fatigue: I will be the ONLY person to admit this. My personal stash had ballooned to over 10 boxes, leading to a Shakeology surplus in my pantry. I was at the point that I was donating them to my local firehouse because I was tired of seeing them stacked up in my and other coaches cupboards. Shakeology hoarding!
  • Customer/Team Fatigue: I was exhausted talking about it, asking if they were on it, building their business with it at the same time being met with resistance from their fatigue. It turned into a what I would call a community conundrum, self-imposed of course, but continually integrating it into discussions with my team and community felt like a chore when faced with collective fatigue. I was not alone.
  • Corporate Marketing Fatigue: The hard presses exhausted me. “Eat more dessert” made me stressed and angry. Cute sayings to disguise what is healthy is not who I am, I could not get behind that slogan and it fatigued me to find new ways to market the superfood. IT’S A SHAKE not an ingredient, its in the name. The thought of putting shakes into pudding, cupcakes, cookies, pancakes etc. exhausted me.


I did not quit because of cost fatigue. Other than at the cost of what I mentioned above. Anything I have ever felt contributed to my health, was simple, convenient, and helped with my health, performance or well-being is never a “cost” issue to me. I value being healthy before “things.” I think we can all agree if you value something you pay for it. Starbucks would not exist if not. I mean who pays those drink prices for coffee? Those that value the feeling, experience, taste, and brand. – I believe in investing in my health. It’s about value, which is subjective, much like those willing to splurge on a premium Starbucks experience.

But where there is fatigue their ability to find energy easier. I with my extra boxes in my cupboard decided I would begin to drink it again, on MY terms. Not how was remarketed as a dessert, or only 5 days a week, or a meal replacement but as a performance/health enhancer for my post workouts. I added it to the protein shake I needed after my workout.

The protein I was drinking [Dolce Whey has 20g protein] I add Shakeology to for an extra 16g of protein [36 g total] that also added 17g grams of carbs [replacement glycogen, muscle repair and energy] and 7g of sugar for energy and helpful absorption. That’s the basics. Add in all the other Shakeology stuff, digestive enzymes, phytonutrients, super foods and more that made my post workout shake bullet proof for me.

What it also did for me rid me of my Shakeology Fatigue Syndrome. It helped me find a place for it to work for me. To fit into my life, needs and health on my terms, not a forced or marketed way.

I am not going to sit here and tell you Shakeology has changed my life, everyone needs it, you should be drinking it and if you don’t you have no chance of being healthy or working with me when it comes to your health journey. That’s not me, never has and never will be.

But I will say a few things.

  1. If you are an ex- user. I have empathy. If you once drank and stopped using Shakeology, I feel you, I get it. Your reasons are valid as were mine. This is coming from the guy that has been involved with the company for over 20 years.
  2. Shakeology is not “IT” – IT IS “One Ingredient Among Many” Health is a complex recipe, your recipe is unique and requires personalization. Shakeology can be just one potential ingredient. Health is a recipe, recipes are made of ingredients, those ingredients make meals you enjoy. Some people like more of a certain ingredient then other ingredients or not like certain ingredients in their meals.
  3. I do believe Shakeology is loaded with opportunity for anyone. Using it is about finding how it fits into your recipe not how you have to make a recipe using it.
  4. Shakeology challenges “result” expectations. To use it effectively realistic expectations must be in place. This isn’t a quick-fix solution but of an invisible solution; that reveals its value in consistent use over time. Shakeology is not the type of supplement like caffeine, you don’t feel the “surge” but it adds to your health over time. Nor is it the reason you lose weight, gain muscle or fuels you with monstrous energy. Its consistent use is why you are can become healthier. Being healthy is dynamic. As you become healthier the things I mentioned begin to happen.
    If you have not drank
  5. Enjoying the taste once again. Comes from being absent, but also from changing my taste buds from eating healthier over the last 8 weeks. There are many things that I did not eat before that I enjoy the taste now. Eat like crap, healthier food is going to taste like crap. Adding in looking forward to my after workout shake for results. Refueling became something I looked forward to, cold high protein peanut butter, banana taste that had me pumped and rested after a workout. Experiencing those visual aspects heightened the anticipation and {re}enhanced the flavors I grew to dislike.
  6. If you have not drank Shakeology or did drink and stopped, you might be fatigued or just hate it. You might also be in a place that reframing and using it in a way that fits your health path is all you need to do. Whether you’re tired of it or despise it, there’s room for reconsideration and adaptation. Reading this is an open invitation to reconsider or consider.
  7. I don’t want to hear a word about cost, everything costs something. It’s up to you to determine value. I will say this about health in general. Its costs just as much to be unhealthy as it does to be healthy. To be healthy, you are going to have to shift your spending, off, sugar, processed foods, pizza, alcohol, weed, buying things that depreciate in value, cool things you don’t need- can we agree you NEED your health? No one wants me to look at their credit or debit card statements lol. To be healthier, you have to be willing to reduce spending on unhealthy things to have it available to spend on your health.

I take a bunch of supplements, some might call me a supplement enthusiast for various reasons: performance, muscle gain, gut health, longevity, vitality, Shakeology is just one I use personally and to pair up with those it’s a good fit in their current health quest. Possibly it fits as a component in your health plan.

Please ask away any questions, If I can help you in your health, suggest, advise, get in you in a program, plan or system that helps you progress your health while not feeling overwhelmed or stressed or help you find how and where Shakeology can be an ingredient, not the solution, in your health then ask away.

I can say I am no longer fatigued. The returned energy is not from corporate agendas, marketing, slogans, or pricing. It was a process, on my own timeline, and my own experiences.

Drink it, or don’t – that choice is yours. Nor does it matter how you use it. I strongly suggest you use it in a way that positive, helpful and successful for you.  My mission is to inspire a healthier lifestyle because silence in the face of struggle is no longer acceptable.

Just get healthier I am tired of watching people I care about, and strangers suffer in silence with their health.

Thoughts anyone? Let’s talk about it all, Let’s initiate a dialogue which means you can agree and disagree with me in return I ask for the same respect given to me. We both might help, inspire or motivate each other and those reading/watching with their health.

THINK Bigger

EAT Better


Breakdown of ShaunT’s “Dig Deeper” on BODi

Breakdown of ShaunT's new 12 week Beachbody/BODi in-home fitness physique program "Dig Deeper"

Dig Deeper is an innovative 12-week fitness program designed to transform your physical fitness through well-structured phases and diverse workout routines. It encompasses a total of three phases, each lasting four weeks, and is tailored to those who are serious about reshaping their physique and enhancing their strength.

Program Structure

  • Duration: 12 weeks, divided into 3 phases of 4 weeks each.
  • Workout Schedule: 6 days a week, with each session lasting between 30 to 50 minutes.
  • Routine: Includes 5 days of weightlifting and 1 optional day of low-impact cardio.
  • Equipment Needed: A range of dumbbells (light, medium, heavy) and a workout bench.

What to Expect

  • Workout Types:
    • LIFTING: Dumbbells
    • Bro Splits focusing on Upper Body, Lower Body, Total Body, Chest and Back, Legs, Abs, and Glutes.
  • SETs and REPs:
    • Primarily 3 sets, but varies from 1 to 7 sets.
    • Reps range from a high of 20 to a low of 6.
  • Intensity and Effort:
    • Varied intensity, reps, sets, rest periods, and speed of exercises.
    • Emphasis on personal accountability to achieve goals.

Added Insights

  • Results:
    • Significant volume in lifting ensures muscle and strength gains.
    • Results are contingent on your own personal Intensity,Volume, Speed and Effort.
      Fror Reference:
      Intensity: Intensity refers to how hard the body is working during physical activity. This can be measured in various ways depending on the type of exercise. 
      Volume (Reps, Sets, Weight): Volume refers to the total amount of work done in a training session or over a period of time. In weight training, this is typically quantified by the number of repetitions (reps) and sets of each exercise, as well as the weight lifted. 
      Speed: Speed usually refers to the rate at which an exercise is performed.
      Effort: is a more subjective measure and refers to how hard an individual feels they are working during an exercise.
  • 4 Different Calendars:
    • Potentially offers 4 unique programs? I cannot confirm yet
  • Weight Selection:
    • Aim for challenging weights; the first set should leave two reps in the tank, and by the last set, you should be at your limit. Do not have a mindset of lift too much or always up your weight. 
  • Nutrition plan will drive your results

Phase Breakdowns

  1. Phase 1: Endurance and Hypertrophy (GIANT SETS)
    • Shaun, his coach and a cast member.
    • Focus on time under tension with 2 circuits of 5-6 exercises, repeated for 3 sets.
    • Descending ladders (20, 16, 12 reps), with the last exercise focusing on abs.
  1. Phase 2: Sculpt and Define (Super and Triple Sets)
    • Shaun and his coach.
    • Mainly 3 sets, with some 5 and 7 sets.
    • Super sets, triple sets, and a focus on sculpting and defining muscles.
  1. Phase 3: Build  Muscle Strength and Power? (Variety of Set Sizes)
    • Led solely by Shaun.
    • be prepared to LIFT and be challenged
    • Has everything as far of workouts, low rep heavy weight 
    • Diverse SETs ranging from 1 to 5 sets.
    • Incorporates single sets, super sets, triple sets, and quad sets.
    • Ascending and Descending ladder rep ranges 

Ideal Candidates

This program is versatile and can cater to a wide range of fitness goals. Whether you’re aiming for weight loss, physique improvement, or simply looking for a fun and challenging routine, Dig Deeper can be a suitable choice. However, it’s crucial to align the program with your personal goals, expectations, and equipment availability.


The Pros

  • Combines elements of P90x and Body Beast.
  • Less of a group exercise class feel
  • Follow-along format with efficient rest and transition periods.
  • Variety in reps and sets for comprehensive strength and physique development.
  • Shaun’s motivating presence and credibility, reflecting his extensive training experience.
  • It’s a nice reflection of Shaun, his new knowledge, hard work over the last 18 months and recognized accomplishments which gives the program a level of credibility.
  • Suitable for gym, hotel gym
  • Its follow along format with efficient rest and transition periods.
  • Rest periods are good & needed! I like that they are built in, consistent and precise. If you feel you don’t need them, Reevaluate your weight selection and effort, you should require and use them 
  • Transitions between moves are adequate not as many pressing pauses with past programs
  • Shaun can be motivating – that is his superpower.
  • Shaun went through lifting and training for a competitive body building show show which makes him very familiar with style and terminology of training rather a “made for platform” program.
  • It’s a reflection of Shaun, his new knowledge, hard work over the last 18 months and recognized accomplishments which gives the program a level of credibility.
  • Plenty of variety of reps and sets to create volume, strength, and physique results.
  • Teaches the confidence and ability to lift heavier.
  • The 3 phases are great to provide results in different modalities needed to achieve results
  • Allows to go back and repeat a phase as a mini program in the future or currently.
  • Less than an hour, 50 mins, but feels like 30 mins.
  • Challenging 
  • Low impact, no jumping or explosiveness
  • Repeating workouts week to week to track progress.
  • Great evolution to Shaun from where he started in fitness,
  • Shaun is ripped, product of the product more the most part, walks the walk,

My Cons

These are my opinions, you are welcome to disagree, and not meant to attack.

  • Lack of an additional audio track for gym use. I wish there was an additional audio track to take to gym that was a “trainer track”. Without all of motivation and side talk. – I have told them that before, along with another trainer
  • Some audio issues due to recording environment; there is a bit of an echo in the audio because its on a concrete floor at times
  • Overemphasis on motivation for some users: Shaun is a motivator – I personally don’t need it. Its too much
  • IF you like variety of workout routines ALL the time the 4 week repetitiveness in workout routines might get you to
  • Lack of a specific nutrition plan or supplement line tailored to the program.
  • I want to play a drinking game for when he says Mind Muscle Connection. I despise marketing in my workouts it’s like a commercial break in a podcast. Where do I pay for the premium – cough cough – Trainer audio track?
  • I don’t need to do a mirror flex or shake my butt during a workout. I want to train – but I understand videos/workouts need a little of everything for every BODI – see what I did there.
  • Although the sets and reps do some progressive overload, I would like to have seen the sets and reps change in week 4. 3 weeks the same 4th week add volume. Just saying keep increasing weight is not going to get you stronger and build more muscle. Not a big one, there are 3 phases of change!
  • It’s an in-home fitness program that can be taken to the gym
  • No supplement line or nutrition plan to package with it – For a niche based program, I would have liked to see niche supplements and nutrition plans. I will make some recommendations based on goals.
  • At times it seems a little all over the place with exercise selection, however its a physique program, and if it worked for Shaun, then it worked.
  • Marketing leveraged on “Shaun’s Transformation” I don’t know his nutrition plan or supplements on his own physique I think people will want to know – BUT this is not do what Shaun did, this is do a program Shaun wrote and endorses. I am confident shaun covers this in his personal podcast Trust & Believe and or on his YouTube Channel.
  • Its a workout not a complete plan
  • I know the workout will be combine[fit in to] BODi’s containers. portion control and then 2b Mindet[flexible eating plan] I would like to think have seen this type of training program comes with a plan that matches the workouts and desired results.
  • No mobility. As I know most will not be doing a competitive show with their results – The about of lifting, sets, reps, intensity 5 days a week, this can cause limited range of motion and bind.

In Closing:

Additional Recommendations

  • Mobility: Incorporating a 10-minute stretch at the end of each workout. I would add in a 30-40 minute mobility and flexibility session on his LISS cardio days for overall health and physique improvement.
  • Recovery: Adequate recovery is essential for those engaging in this program at the intended intensity, effort, and speed. Get your sleep, and eat anti inflammatory foods
  • Nutrition: A specific nutritional plan is crucial for achieving significant strength and muscle gains. Eat your protein. 


The Dig Deeper program offers a comprehensive approach to fitness, emphasizing volume, effort, and intensity. It’s designed for a variety of fitness enthusiasts and levels, from those seeking general health improvements to those aiming for specific physique changes. With its structured phases and diverse workout routines, it promises to be a transformative experience for committed individuals.


And as always have fun! 

If you have any questions reach out I am happy to help, support, guide or motivate you with your goals.


Prioritizing Your Health

Questions in my head this morning about prioritizing your health.

Do you think your health is important or do you feel because you are not sick you are ok?

Is the idea of repairing your health with a quick simple plan?

Do you think fixing a health-related issue is going to Doctor?

When should you address your health issues?  Before or after they cause problems?

Do you think being healthy is difficult? Causes you too much stress?

Do you worry about being cool or trendy over prioritizing your health is not cool or trendy?

If being healthy is a priority what would have to change, what would it take for you to be healthy? What would you have to do?

What is YOUR definition of being healthy and fit?

This is how my brain works in the morning and all day. I guess that is why I live the way I do and focused on my business, my income, and helping others around health. I ask myself these questions, I wonder how others would answer them, and I wonder how I can help others with their answers.

Get healthy people
Stay healthy people.

No one can do it for you. You have to do it.  The key to prioritizing your health is all about finding solutions!

I share more of my thoughts on this topic on my podcast.  Check out my podcast titled “Making the Idea of Becoming Healthy Stick and Stay!

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Small Deposits Daily Leads to Monumental Progress

Small deposits in your health pension can pay monumental dividends to live a long life. 
What were your first thoughts when you read that? Stick with me while I share my thoughts on this statement.
I find one of the hardest things people struggle a healthy life is cost.
It costs time, effort, opportunities, money, emotions, etc. I watch far too many people not willing to pay that cost of health and would rather pay with the mental weight of battling internal pain.
I get it, there is a price to pay.  As we contemplate our health’s value in pain, there are people using that time actually to work on their health.
No system is perfect.
No product is the best, but if you don’t start, you have no ability to gain momentum, progress, and evolve.
Small deposits in your health pension can pay monumental dividends to live a long life, and it must be done daily!
Don’t get caught saying “I wish I would have”
If you are ready to start making those steps toward momentum, progress, and evolving, connect with me here
Check out my podcast titled The Free vs a Cost Conversation in Wellness Today.

Solutions Not Resolutions

Solutions Not Resolutions

It’s been a minute since I have started a fitness/health/wellness program in the new year and failed at it or quit. I am not saying I have never but as of last 10 years or so I have not. As I coach, mentor, train, and support others through their own journeys the following is some of the plan and vision I give myself and others before starting.

Feel free to email me or message me on my social media with any questions as I am happy to answer in an email or voice note you back.


Define your Goal:
What do you really want to achieve. Take the time to be honest with yourself.

What will you need to achieve it?
Rank These
Easy to follow system
Time (a day, a week, a month – total time it will take)

Achieving Your Goals
How important are these 3 things?
Which ones are more important than others?
1. Internal Drivers – Tolerance & Motive
2. External Drivers – Social & Accountability
3. Health Drivers – Mind & Body

Knowing what actually drives you and what you are willing to do to achieve your goals will help you achieve the success you want with your wellness.

Knowing and defining exactly what you goal is will help you be more successful

Set goals with proper expectations: they should be challenging but attainable

–       Most people set goals that only involve the big picture and get overwhelmed. Majority of the time this create massive stress and high failure/quitting rate. The final goal is best handled for success when it is broken down by week, then weeks and months. 

I suggest you set a goal with an expectation that fits the plan that will most likely produce results. This will involve you choosing a plan you can be consistent with. Not one you will grow to despise.

However if you are person you loves a challenge – challenge yourself.

For whatever reason there is a tendency for people that set goals in health and wellness to look for reason to stop a plan rather than stay on one. Be aware of this before beginning.

 The System aka YOUR PLAN

My advice is to take your time in the selection process of which plan and system you will follow to achieve your goal. Keeping on mind the points above.

A great plan is not a great plan if you require fun and it is not fun at all.
A great plan is not a great plan if you require an simple plan to follow and its complicated
A great plan is not a great plan if you require results and it does not produce them

I think you understand what I am getting at.

Your job is to be a fact finder and a question seeker. I would start with finding people who were in the current place you are now and have gotten the success you want.
What did you do?
How long did it take?
What was the hardest part?
What did you struggle with most?
Why would you say the program worked?
How much do you think it costs, food, supplements, time? Let them know youa re trying to put together a budget.
Did they have any injuries or limitations?

Now don’t forget this – It is your first job to do some research and work, just popping u pin a DM is not going to get you a valuable response, if any.  – people’s time is valuable. Be kind and courteous, especially if you are even consider purchasing from them. And if you are not – follow on their social media and repay by being an active supportive interactive follower.

There are plenty of blogs, YouTube videos etc out there. Find someone credible, certifications, accreditations, testimonials, how do they communicate? Vague or with specifics? Do the walk the talk or are they telling you do something while do another?

Someone that has a lifestyle you approve of. I look up any one I want to work with across all platforms to get a good feel for them, their products and services. Someone leveraged too much might not be the flexibility you need, not many people count everything always, not have an off plan meals, are constantly hyper fit. A system or plan from an over committed expert may prove to be more unattainable and damaging in the long wrong as well as a waste of money. For those that need an expert; go with one, all others will frustrate you – just please be coachable. Remember who the expert is. 

Last tip: be weary of trends. Trends are like emotions they disappear as quickly as they appeared, leaving you without money and empty and looking for the next one. Science always wins.

We all have an identity that we created. You have to ability to change where you are to where you want to be.
Bring the healthy visions you have of yourself into reality.

From Thoughts to Action To Life

 Giving Your Healthy Visions Life = FIT IDENTITY

Thoughts for You – Ending 2022

Helpful Thoughts and Reflections From 2022

It’s the end of year, 365 days ago we started out a new year with a new opportunities, a blank slate an entire year to create, fail. learn and have fun. Below I put together some of the thoughts I had at random times through out the year. I suppose as you read through  some will hit harder as some will mean nothing at all. 

Here is to hoping some help, some will make you laugh and some will not hurt too much. 

My Random Thoughts and Reflections(2022)

I have been writing these things down randomly that I learned and witnessed in 2022

Thought I would share for your benefit

I can’t promise they are all good ones though

– Don’t hold yourself accountable to people who don’t pick up the phone for you
– People have moral high grounds that pertain to you not them
– Friendship is a two way street
– Forgive, you can not get back lost time
– Take more risk
– Action is something taken, not spoke of
– Less consumption more action
– Stay far away from people that hold you to a standard higher then they hold themselves
– If you are good at something accept you will be copied or duplicated and not thanked
– Imitation is the highest form of flattery, its also the sign of a follower not a leader
– Build bonds not brands: too many people building brands without a single bond
– Orators over customers
– People with excuses will never blame themselves
– Anyone who says “I know” was never listening and deserves to be punched in the face – they did not know, they just wanted you to shut up
– Don’t wait for others to do something you can do yourself
– Complaining never solves anything
– Be happy for other people’s success and happiness
– I always have a choice
– I envy people who can put themselves first
– I don’t care about your views – just don’t push them on me. I push back
– Health is not to be taken lightly
– I don’t take friendship or loyalty lightly
– Love can evolve, it’s not going to stay the same. Doesn’t mean you love less, just differently
– The sun is guaranteed to to come up tomorrow, with or without you
– People are too soft
– Fedex, ups, usps, etc is not going to deliver you your success, happiness, wellness, fulfillment or enjoyment.
– Its ok to be single
– Anyone who picks up a phone when you are talking to them doesn’t value what you have to say, please walk away. Set the set standard
– I’m not an affirmation factory. I am the honest factory
– People that tell you they think you often but don’t call – are calling someone other people.
– Stay honest to who you are, what you represent.
– You don’t have to help everyone or add to every environment
– If you care about someone: LISTEN TO THEM
– Don’t put your expectations on others, they will not live up to them, nor do they have to
– Everyone is selfish – just except it
– People who run companies; run companies, not your life. Its the company first then you
– Watch people’s actions, words are deceptive
– Learn to stop opportunists
– It’s ok to disagree with people. What’s not ok is too always disagree
– If you re in business with someone – Its business, not friendship. Business decisions will be handled for the most part by business standards. Friendship is handled by different standards.
– Many people are strategists, and have alternative motives. Guard yourself
– Beware of people and their feelings because it matters, they matter
– A posers biggest fear is being found out. They often give vague answers or attack and tell you what to do
– Evangelist marketing prays on and sells hope – not products
– No one wants to feel excluded
– You cant make anyone do anything, you can provide support and guidance, what they do with it is up to them
– People expect everything for free. Doesn’t mean you have to provide it for free
– Not everyone is a bad person
– People need help, not all help is free, some is, some is not
– Most ungrateful people are upset at themselves and their environment not at you
– When it comes to money people will do shady things
– Online is: Content – Gap – Content – Its amazing what other people can make up to fill in the GAPS.
– Money doesn’t lower people’s values and character, people do that on their own
– Everyone is not suppose to like you
– Anyone buying your products and services has a story. You will contribute to that story whether you want to or not.
– People will dislike you and not even know you
– The only way to have good people in your life is be one
– Fear is being afraid of the outcome, not being afraid of actually doing what needs to be done
– Stop pretending to like people you don’t – there is a reason you don’t like them

– Experts are people who are passionate and tell you what you should be doing. Experienced people explain to you what you could do.
– You will not be rewarded for what you did not do – Get to doing
– If you don’t mean it, don’t send it
– You can make great content, control how you send it, you can not control how it gets received. That is a reflection of them
– Change your beliefs, raise your standards, use good systems
Any of these hit home? Have any to add?

We all have an identity that we created. You have to ability to change where you are to where you want to be. 
Bring the healthy visions you have of yourself into reality.

From Thoughts To Action To Life

Giving Your Healthy Visions Life = FIT IDENTITY

How to Be More Consistent With Your Health During the Holidays

Be More Consistent With
Your Health During the Holidays

I wanted to share as I wondered the same thing as I sat with a feeling. I just came off being sick. Sick for several weeks. Exhausted and tired, I had a fever, then bronchitis symptoms, adding in sore throat, more coughing, and more phlegm, and it stuck with me for weeks. But I got better once I saw the Dr, and she yelled at me for having it go “untreated for weeks” – I just hoped it would go away, ha, I guess not.  I did not know what the feeling was. Still, I was not in my standard headspace, feeling inspired, lacking motivation, and frankly, I had zero motivation towards anything—basically, lacking consistency.


I talked to a friend who explained this feeling is quite normal at this time of year. You might be feeling this way too. I know I am. Year-end brings on a ton of known and unknown emotions. During this time of year, we experience the emotions of closing out a year. We look back on what we did or did not accomplish, whether it was a good or tough year, all the events the year contained and did not contain, along with the entire year’s emotions. All while a new year, new opportunities, vision, strategies, plans, and the pressure to successfully plan and kick off the new year (correctly).  At the same time, balance everything that goes along with the holidays, shopping, parties, traveling, expenses, and closing out year-end finances. That’s enough to make anyone confused, stressed, numb, and inconsistent without understanding the why or how.

For whatever reason, that is me this year, all of it. I am trying to find consistency for my health in the chaos, and I wanted to share some of the things I am doing/using to manage the year’s end and my health in hopes if you are feeling the same, it helps you too.

My Core 10 For Consistency

1. Making sure I recognize the place I am in and giving the conversation with my friend value.  It’s an honest admit.   


2.  Picking a process, habit, or pattern that doesn’t set me up for failure.  I am not doing anything too difficult to stick to.  Something too tough this time of the year only adds stress and has a high risk of failure.  I don’t need a momentum stopper.  


3.  I am accountable to only myself.  If I give my word, I honor it.  My father told me two of the things no one can take from you are your education/experiences and your word.  They are a piece of your identity and character.  When it comes to your word, only you can give it up.  Under no circumstances are you to give up your word; that will change your character.  


4.  Do Enough.  Do not do too little or too much, do enough.  That pertains to my nutrition, my workouts and anything for that matter.  Too much and too little will add stress and create patterns/results that must be undone or corrected.  That is not the way to end and go into a new year.  Do enough for me, not what others are doing, but what I need to do specifically for ME.  


5.  Mindset:  I am different and a leader.  Because others are doing it doesn’t mean I need to be.  I have my own standards by which I live.  I stand out more because I concentrate on what is important to me rather than fitting in.  


6.  Control what I can control.  Commit to thinking positive thoughts.  Immediately catching negative thoughts and making them positive, eating to create results; negative or positive, and moving to stay strong and healthy.  


7.  Commit to 8,000 steps daily and 4 to 5 workouts weekly-not high stress workouts.  I want to feel good about completing them rather than annoyed to start.  Any workouts-I am doing total body workouts and some spinning.  I am not on a plan.  


8.  Make an effort to deepen relationships that are important to me, that help build the momentum of positive energy and focus on the habits as well as patterns that are important to me.  


9.  When in doubt about my food, choose a single ingredient to eat.  


10.  Don’t be weak.  Don’t complain and handle the end of the year like a champion.  I understand no one will do anything for me.  I know what I need to do-do it.  Take action-move on.   Inconsistency is an act of weakness, not strength.  Be strong. 

As you close out your year, while chaos surrounds you, have success in your search for consistency to your wellness fulfillment.  Don’t be too rough on yourself; we are all in the same boat; managing year-end chaos while trying to have some level of a Fit Identity.  




3 Major Ways to Prevent Cravings

People with all of the discipline in the world can sometimes be out-powered by their cravings. This is why it is important to understand why you crave certain foods and what you can do to prevent them or manage them when they do occur. This will help set you up for a more successful journey to optimal health and wellness.

Here are 3 major ways to prevent cravings

Stay Hydrated

If your body is in a dehydrated state you could be craving food when you’re not hungry, especially sweets. How can you tell if you’re dehydrated? Very simply, if your urine is yellow you’re on your way to dehydration. The clearer it is the more hydrated you are. Drink about half of your body weight in ounces every day and more if you workout hard and sweat a lot. Therefore, if you weigh 200 pounds, you should be drinking about 100 ounces of water daily.

Balance Out Your Gut Flora

In our guts we have good and bad bacteria, both of which we need, but the balance of the two dictates the health of our digestive tract. With years of eating processed foods, foods filled with sugars and foods that immediately turn into sugar when we start to digest them like breads, cookies, and alcohol, the bad bacteria start to overcome the good bacteria. When this imbalance occurs, sweet cravings ensue. This is because those bad bacteria literally feed off of sugar.

To start, remove most processed sugars from your diet. Then start to add fermented foods to replace probiotics, healthy bacteria. These foods include tempeh, miso, sauerkraut, pickled veggies, kefir, and Greek yogurt. Figure out what sensation you are craving and find a healthier option.

Are You Craving Crunchy Foods?

Maybe you are stressed and could use another outlet? Or try chewing on foods like celery or baby carrots versus chips or pretzels to get that crunchy sensation.

Are You Craving Sweet Foods?

Cookies, ice cream and candy are filled with sugar and will send your blood sugar on a roller coaster ride. Instead, eat fruit filled with fiber to slow down the insulin response. Berries are a great option because of their low glycemic properties. You can also try eating roasted root veggies, like sweet potatoes or carrots and sprinkling them with cinnamon to bring out their sweet flavor. Sometimes having a cup of herbal tea with a spoonful of raw honey is sweet enough to do the trick as well.

Are You Craving Salty Foods?

Processed chips and salty junk foods are loaded with sodium, unhealthy fats and artificial colorings. Kale chips are a great alternative and you control the salt that goes on them. Seaweed snacks are another great option and they also have a healthy dose of thyroid helping iodine.


Healthy Detox Options

Detoxing your diet can be beneficial to increasing your energy, release water retention, increasing your quality of sleep and even help you kick-start a weight loss program. Below are eight steps to creating your own healthy detox.

Remove processed sugar

If you can do this one not-so-simple step, your body will benefit more than any of the others. Sugar ruins the body in so many ways like zapping your energy, robbing you of minerals and creating AGE’s (Advanced Glycation Endproducts) which damage collagen fibers and lead to less elastic skin.

Quit alcohol

Taking time off alcohol helps lower acidity in the body, curb cravings and will increase your energy, especially in the mornings and lead to a more productive day.

Avoid caffeinated drinks

Caffeine from excess coffee, soda and “energy drinks” can wear on our adrenal glands and set you us for adrenal exhaustion. If you are addicted to caffeine and can’t go a day without it without experiencing fatigue or headaches, then it’s definitely time for a break. Stimulants place a demand on the adrenals and therefore cause the production of the stress hormone cortisol. Increase levels of cortisol lead to poor sleep quality and the accumulation of body fat. Drink more pure water instead.

Remove dairy

Dairy causes excess mucus in the body and for that reason should never be consumed when someone is sick. Remove it from your diet for the length of your detox and see how your body responds.

Remove wheat

Like dairy, many people have intolerances to it. Not to mention the foods made from it are usually high on the glycemic index and should be reduced anyway, like bread, pasta, pastries, boxed cereals, cookies, etc. Replace wheat with whole grains like quinoa, brown rice, oats, faro or barley and eat them in moderation.

Go meat-free

All meat is acid-forming in the body and takes a lot of energy to digest. By going meat-free not only will you free up that energy, you will do your share of helping out the planet too.

Eat more raw foods

Raw foods have not been cooked over 118 degrees Fahrenheit, and their live enzymes help you digest food. We also make digestive enzymes but when we eat foods that contain them we get to free up the energy that our bodies usually have to use when digesting cooked and processed foods.

Add vegetable juices

Add a green juice to your daily routine. Foods like cucumber, kale, broccoli, and celery are great alkaline-forming foods to use as bases for juices. Be careful not to use too much fruit. The point is to cut back on sugar.