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It’s been a minute since I have started a fitness/health/wellness program in the new year and failed at it or quit. I am not saying I have never but as of last 10 years or so I have not. As I coach, mentor, train, and support others through their own journeys the following is some of the plan and vision I give myself and others before starting.

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Define your Goal:
What do you really want to achieve. Take the time to be honest with yourself.

What will you need to achieve it?
Rank These
Easy to follow system
Time (a day, a week, a month – total time it will take)

Achieving Your Goals
How important are these 3 things?
Which ones are more important than others?
1. Internal Drivers – Tolerance & Motive
2. External Drivers – Social & Accountability
3. Health Drivers – Mind & Body

Knowing what actually drives you and what you are willing to do to achieve your goals will help you achieve the success you want with your wellness.

Knowing and defining exactly what you goal is will help you be more successful

Set goals with proper expectations: they should be challenging but attainable

–       Most people set goals that only involve the big picture and get overwhelmed. Majority of the time this create massive stress and high failure/quitting rate. The final goal is best handled for success when it is broken down by week, then weeks and months. 

I suggest you set a goal with an expectation that fits the plan that will most likely produce results. This will involve you choosing a plan you can be consistent with. Not one you will grow to despise.

However if you are person you loves a challenge – challenge yourself.

For whatever reason there is a tendency for people that set goals in health and wellness to look for reason to stop a plan rather than stay on one. Be aware of this before beginning.

 The System aka YOUR PLAN

My advice is to take your time in the selection process of which plan and system you will follow to achieve your goal. Keeping on mind the points above.

A great plan is not a great plan if you require fun and it is not fun at all.
A great plan is not a great plan if you require an simple plan to follow and its complicated
A great plan is not a great plan if you require results and it does not produce them

I think you understand what I am getting at.

Your job is to be a fact finder and a question seeker. I would start with finding people who were in the current place you are now and have gotten the success you want.
What did you do?
How long did it take?
What was the hardest part?
What did you struggle with most?
Why would you say the program worked?
How much do you think it costs, food, supplements, time? Let them know youa re trying to put together a budget.
Did they have any injuries or limitations?

Now don’t forget this – It is your first job to do some research and work, just popping u pin a DM is not going to get you a valuable response, if any.  – people’s time is valuable. Be kind and courteous, especially if you are even consider purchasing from them. And if you are not – follow on their social media and repay by being an active supportive interactive follower.

There are plenty of blogs, YouTube videos etc out there. Find someone credible, certifications, accreditations, testimonials, how do they communicate? Vague or with specifics? Do the walk the talk or are they telling you do something while do another?

Someone that has a lifestyle you approve of. I look up any one I want to work with across all platforms to get a good feel for them, their products and services. Someone leveraged too much might not be the flexibility you need, not many people count everything always, not have an off plan meals, are constantly hyper fit. A system or plan from an over committed expert may prove to be more unattainable and damaging in the long wrong as well as a waste of money. For those that need an expert; go with one, all others will frustrate you – just please be coachable. Remember who the expert is. 

Last tip: be weary of trends. Trends are like emotions they disappear as quickly as they appeared, leaving you without money and empty and looking for the next one. Science always wins.

We all have an identity that we created. You have to ability to change where you are to where you want to be.
Bring the healthy visions you have of yourself into reality.

From Thoughts to Action To Life

 Giving Your Healthy Visions Life = FIT IDENTITY

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