Helpful Thoughts and Reflections From 2022

It’s the end of year, 365 days ago we started out a new year with a new opportunities, a blank slate an entire year to create, fail. learn and have fun. Below I put together some of the thoughts I had at random times through out the year. I suppose as you read through  some will hit harder as some will mean nothing at all. 

Here is to hoping some help, some will make you laugh and some will not hurt too much. 

My Random Thoughts and Reflections(2022)

I have been writing these things down randomly that I learned and witnessed in 2022

Thought I would share for your benefit

I can’t promise they are all good ones though

– Don’t hold yourself accountable to people who don’t pick up the phone for you
– People have moral high grounds that pertain to you not them
– Friendship is a two way street
– Forgive, you can not get back lost time
– Take more risk
– Action is something taken, not spoke of
– Less consumption more action
– Stay far away from people that hold you to a standard higher then they hold themselves
– If you are good at something accept you will be copied or duplicated and not thanked
– Imitation is the highest form of flattery, its also the sign of a follower not a leader
– Build bonds not brands: too many people building brands without a single bond
– Orators over customers
– People with excuses will never blame themselves
– Anyone who says “I know” was never listening and deserves to be punched in the face – they did not know, they just wanted you to shut up
– Don’t wait for others to do something you can do yourself
– Complaining never solves anything
– Be happy for other people’s success and happiness
– I always have a choice
– I envy people who can put themselves first
– I don’t care about your views – just don’t push them on me. I push back
– Health is not to be taken lightly
– I don’t take friendship or loyalty lightly
– Love can evolve, it’s not going to stay the same. Doesn’t mean you love less, just differently
– The sun is guaranteed to to come up tomorrow, with or without you
– People are too soft
– Fedex, ups, usps, etc is not going to deliver you your success, happiness, wellness, fulfillment or enjoyment.
– Its ok to be single
– Anyone who picks up a phone when you are talking to them doesn’t value what you have to say, please walk away. Set the set standard
– I’m not an affirmation factory. I am the honest factory
– People that tell you they think you often but don’t call – are calling someone other people.
– Stay honest to who you are, what you represent.
– You don’t have to help everyone or add to every environment
– If you care about someone: LISTEN TO THEM
– Don’t put your expectations on others, they will not live up to them, nor do they have to
– Everyone is selfish – just except it
– People who run companies; run companies, not your life. Its the company first then you
– Watch people’s actions, words are deceptive
– Learn to stop opportunists
– It’s ok to disagree with people. What’s not ok is too always disagree
– If you re in business with someone – Its business, not friendship. Business decisions will be handled for the most part by business standards. Friendship is handled by different standards.
– Many people are strategists, and have alternative motives. Guard yourself
– Beware of people and their feelings because it matters, they matter
– A posers biggest fear is being found out. They often give vague answers or attack and tell you what to do
– Evangelist marketing prays on and sells hope – not products
– No one wants to feel excluded
– You cant make anyone do anything, you can provide support and guidance, what they do with it is up to them
– People expect everything for free. Doesn’t mean you have to provide it for free
– Not everyone is a bad person
– People need help, not all help is free, some is, some is not
– Most ungrateful people are upset at themselves and their environment not at you
– When it comes to money people will do shady things
– Online is: Content – Gap – Content – Its amazing what other people can make up to fill in the GAPS.
– Money doesn’t lower people’s values and character, people do that on their own
– Everyone is not suppose to like you
– Anyone buying your products and services has a story. You will contribute to that story whether you want to or not.
– People will dislike you and not even know you
– The only way to have good people in your life is be one
– Fear is being afraid of the outcome, not being afraid of actually doing what needs to be done
– Stop pretending to like people you don’t – there is a reason you don’t like them

– Experts are people who are passionate and tell you what you should be doing. Experienced people explain to you what you could do.
– You will not be rewarded for what you did not do – Get to doing
– If you don’t mean it, don’t send it
– You can make great content, control how you send it, you can not control how it gets received. That is a reflection of them
– Change your beliefs, raise your standards, use good systems
Any of these hit home? Have any to add?

We all have an identity that we created. You have to ability to change where you are to where you want to be. 
Bring the healthy visions you have of yourself into reality.

From Thoughts To Action To Life

Giving Your Healthy Visions Life = FIT IDENTITY

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