8 Weeks ago, I started back. I had no expectations, no idea how I would feel about it, an open mind – I was focused on a plan, in a system, Goal: do what is required.
This what I learned:

Here is why I previously quit drinking the “super” shake Shakeology.  

Yes, I did quit drinking it for more than a year, probably close to 2 years.

Before this goes any further this is not some bait and switch headline. I did quit with a tornado if feelings and fatigue, only to have started using it again as of 2 months ago – Let me explain.

As always, I am going to be BRUTUALLY upfront and honest. I am aware that writing this, my words can be taken apart, out of context and used not for its purpose or my good will intentions. But who am I not to live in risk. lol

I Quit Because of Fatigue

I call it Shakeology Fatigue Syndrome. I used Shakeology for many years, 365 days a year, I feel with that level of usage I can call it just that.
In no particular order this was my fatigue:

  • Taste fatigue: I have been drinking it for year and was just tired of the taste. The more you add to the shake to make it taste different the more it is no longer Shakeology. The same flavors day in, day out, had me craving a change. Altering the shake too much, I felt, stripped away its essence.
  • Usage Fatigue: I was tired of using it as a snack, 160 calories were not enough for a meal, and I did not like using it with other food to complete a meal.
  • Marketing Fatigue: I was tired of seeing shaker cups, of drink this, it’s a must, it’s the solution to your health. I grew to have promotional pains that I can only describe as the incessant marketing chants and “must-drink” mantras grew tiresome.
  • Work Fatigue: I was tired of it being the main part of most offers that Beachbody/Body would put together with fitness programs and nutrition plans. It got to a point where customers, coaches/partners, and potential customers felt if they did not purchase it they could not be in my community or work with me. Which was UNTRUE. I was tired of hearing “it did not work for me” I felt the expectations  and the gap between of what it is and does were too big.
  • Cupboard Fatigue: I will be the ONLY person to admit this. My personal stash had ballooned to over 10 boxes, leading to a Shakeology surplus in my pantry. I was at the point that I was donating them to my local firehouse because I was tired of seeing them stacked up in my and other coaches cupboards. Shakeology hoarding!
  • Customer/Team Fatigue: I was exhausted talking about it, asking if they were on it, building their business with it at the same time being met with resistance from their fatigue. It turned into a what I would call a community conundrum, self-imposed of course, but continually integrating it into discussions with my team and community felt like a chore when faced with collective fatigue. I was not alone.
  • Corporate Marketing Fatigue: The hard presses exhausted me. “Eat more dessert” made me stressed and angry. Cute sayings to disguise what is healthy is not who I am, I could not get behind that slogan and it fatigued me to find new ways to market the superfood. IT’S A SHAKE not an ingredient, its in the name. The thought of putting shakes into pudding, cupcakes, cookies, pancakes etc. exhausted me.


I did not quit because of cost fatigue. Other than at the cost of what I mentioned above. Anything I have ever felt contributed to my health, was simple, convenient, and helped with my health, performance or well-being is never a “cost” issue to me. I value being healthy before “things.” I think we can all agree if you value something you pay for it. Starbucks would not exist if not. I mean who pays those drink prices for coffee? Those that value the feeling, experience, taste, and brand. – I believe in investing in my health. It’s about value, which is subjective, much like those willing to splurge on a premium Starbucks experience.

But where there is fatigue their ability to find energy easier. I with my extra boxes in my cupboard decided I would begin to drink it again, on MY terms. Not how was remarketed as a dessert, or only 5 days a week, or a meal replacement but as a performance/health enhancer for my post workouts. I added it to the protein shake I needed after my workout.

The protein I was drinking [Dolce Whey has 20g protein] I add Shakeology to for an extra 16g of protein [36 g total] that also added 17g grams of carbs [replacement glycogen, muscle repair and energy] and 7g of sugar for energy and helpful absorption. That’s the basics. Add in all the other Shakeology stuff, digestive enzymes, phytonutrients, super foods and more that made my post workout shake bullet proof for me.

What it also did for me rid me of my Shakeology Fatigue Syndrome. It helped me find a place for it to work for me. To fit into my life, needs and health on my terms, not a forced or marketed way.

I am not going to sit here and tell you Shakeology has changed my life, everyone needs it, you should be drinking it and if you don’t you have no chance of being healthy or working with me when it comes to your health journey. That’s not me, never has and never will be.

But I will say a few things.

  1. If you are an ex- user. I have empathy. If you once drank and stopped using Shakeology, I feel you, I get it. Your reasons are valid as were mine. This is coming from the guy that has been involved with the company for over 20 years.
  2. Shakeology is not “IT” – IT IS “One Ingredient Among Many” Health is a complex recipe, your recipe is unique and requires personalization. Shakeology can be just one potential ingredient. Health is a recipe, recipes are made of ingredients, those ingredients make meals you enjoy. Some people like more of a certain ingredient then other ingredients or not like certain ingredients in their meals.
  3. I do believe Shakeology is loaded with opportunity for anyone. Using it is about finding how it fits into your recipe not how you have to make a recipe using it.
  4. Shakeology challenges “result” expectations. To use it effectively realistic expectations must be in place. This isn’t a quick-fix solution but of an invisible solution; that reveals its value in consistent use over time. Shakeology is not the type of supplement like caffeine, you don’t feel the “surge” but it adds to your health over time. Nor is it the reason you lose weight, gain muscle or fuels you with monstrous energy. Its consistent use is why you are can become healthier. Being healthy is dynamic. As you become healthier the things I mentioned begin to happen.
    If you have not drank
  5. Enjoying the taste once again. Comes from being absent, but also from changing my taste buds from eating healthier over the last 8 weeks. There are many things that I did not eat before that I enjoy the taste now. Eat like crap, healthier food is going to taste like crap. Adding in looking forward to my after workout shake for results. Refueling became something I looked forward to, cold high protein peanut butter, banana taste that had me pumped and rested after a workout. Experiencing those visual aspects heightened the anticipation and {re}enhanced the flavors I grew to dislike.
  6. If you have not drank Shakeology or did drink and stopped, you might be fatigued or just hate it. You might also be in a place that reframing and using it in a way that fits your health path is all you need to do. Whether you’re tired of it or despise it, there’s room for reconsideration and adaptation. Reading this is an open invitation to reconsider or consider.
  7. I don’t want to hear a word about cost, everything costs something. It’s up to you to determine value. I will say this about health in general. Its costs just as much to be unhealthy as it does to be healthy. To be healthy, you are going to have to shift your spending, off, sugar, processed foods, pizza, alcohol, weed, buying things that depreciate in value, cool things you don’t need- can we agree you NEED your health? No one wants me to look at their credit or debit card statements lol. To be healthier, you have to be willing to reduce spending on unhealthy things to have it available to spend on your health.

I take a bunch of supplements, some might call me a supplement enthusiast for various reasons: performance, muscle gain, gut health, longevity, vitality, Shakeology is just one I use personally and to pair up with those it’s a good fit in their current health quest. Possibly it fits as a component in your health plan.

Please ask away any questions, If I can help you in your health, suggest, advise, get in you in a program, plan or system that helps you progress your health while not feeling overwhelmed or stressed or help you find how and where Shakeology can be an ingredient, not the solution, in your health then ask away.

I can say I am no longer fatigued. The returned energy is not from corporate agendas, marketing, slogans, or pricing. It was a process, on my own timeline, and my own experiences.

Drink it, or don’t – that choice is yours. Nor does it matter how you use it. I strongly suggest you use it in a way that positive, helpful and successful for you.  My mission is to inspire a healthier lifestyle because silence in the face of struggle is no longer acceptable.

Just get healthier I am tired of watching people I care about, and strangers suffer in silence with their health.

Thoughts anyone? Let’s talk about it all, Let’s initiate a dialogue which means you can agree and disagree with me in return I ask for the same respect given to me. We both might help, inspire or motivate each other and those reading/watching with their health.

THINK Bigger

EAT Better


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