The Work: What Is It

The Work What Is It - Mike Karpenko


These 6 weeks are not for everyone

This program is not the weak and not for quitters but for the people who are ready to do the work it takes.

Do the phrases “slow feet don’t eat,” “sweat equity” and “game time” raise your heart-rate or an eye brow then you def want to continue to read on.

I can’t even sugar coat this program nor do I want to. From the moment I spoke with Amolia Cesar, the creator of this program and trainer to NBA players, celebrities, and pro athletes, I knew this program was one I was going to embrace! 6 Weeks of functional fitness combining strength, agility and mobility and some explicit language – ok now someone is speaking my language! Now you have my interest in a challenge!

The question: Is Your Ass Up Next?

My Answer: YES
Your Answer: TBD


Program Basic Info

  • The Trainer: Amoila Cesar
  • Difficulty/Intensity: Advanced (next level – no beginners unless you enjoy a big struggle)
  • Program Commitment: 6 weeks, 36 unique workouts
  • Daily Commitment: 45 minutes, 6 days a week (5 working day 1 recovery day)
  • Equipment Needed: light, medium & heavy weights, sliders, resistance loops
  • Equipment That Will Help: a mat, pull up bar, a pull assist
  • Focus: Strength, Muscle building & Agility with a focus on Mobility

    Release Date:
    September 30th

Still Asking

Is The Work the Program for Me?


As I have said, the program is advanced, its not for a beginner looking to get into fitness. But what if you are returning to fitness, or you love a tough challenge, or maybe you have no idea where you are at. Only one way to do that take the FIT TEST!

The fit test can be a base line, a standard or starting point or wake up call for you. You can take it and decide if you want to do work or if you should take on another program/challenge. Either way I think you know where this is going – you are here to do a program. No backing out now,  its time!

How do I get and do the Fit Test?

Soon it will be available in the Beachbody on Demand online library. Until then you need hit up your Team Beachbody coach to get your hands on i!

THE BIG IF: If you do not have a coach, or I am your Coach  you can smash that button and below to contact me.  It’s your lucky day: I will send it to you!


6 Weeks of The Work

Who the F is Amolia Cesar?

Amoila Cesar strength and transformation specialist for NBA athletes, celebrities and day to day people. He has a degree in exercise science with a minor in psycology from the University of Central Florida, that way he can mind f@ck, I mean motivate as you work out. Has all his certs so he not some social media sensation: certifications in TRX, strength and conditioning, performance training, precision nutrition ACE (American Council on Exercise) and NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine), NCCPT (National Council for Certified Personal Trainers).

Does he really curse?

YES and NO!

Yes: he not a drunken sailor he is a trainer with heart and passion. Those words resonate with him and his drive to motivate and help you hit your goals.

NO: For those of you that do not like explicit language there is a clean version with some beeps!

Now what’s your excuse for not doing this program? You hate beeps?

Who’s this workout for?

Let’s just start with “the advanced” Those who are no strangers to workouts, being uncomfortable and finishing.

However it is also for those who love a challenge, who go all in, who have a motto “to quit does not exist”,  weekend warriors, people who love the gym and can’t get to it regularly, your husband or boyfriend who watches you workout at home and says nope not for me, previous athletes, current athletes, I think you see where this is going.

Sometimes it’s not about the level of the workout but the level you are willing to bring.

Meal/Nutrition Plan?

No confusion there.

You have an option a choice per say.. portion control, flexed eating(I will explain) or the  Beachbody Guide to Nutrition available with your program materials.

I can help you choose what is best for your your goals and life style or you can make that assessment!

Equipment: What do I need?

I am just going to copy and paste from above

Equipment Needed: light, medium & heavy weights, sliders, resistance loops

Equipment That Will Help: a mat, pull up bar, a pull assist

What are the Workouts?

Dude is a trainer, one that programs for individuals. Which means they will be functional, built around your day to day strength, agility and mobility. You will be able to skill transfer the exercises, strength and progress into your day.

But the workouts themselves? I don’t know other than what I have seen on social media and what have been provided to us as Team Beachbody coaches. I like what I see and I trust his judgement and experience as trainer. Again, that me state he is not a social media sensation he is a trainer.


The Breakdowns:

This strength workout focuses primarily on the front of your body that target and strengthen your chest, triceps, and quads.

A combination of weight training and agility work to help you build strength, power, and definition.

Intense full body fat burning workout to build endurance and agility

Target your back, biceps, and hamstrings:  pulling exercises that help you build a stronger, more powerful back.

Total body workout that uses slow, controlled movements to increase time under tension for muscle growth.

Low-impact workout builds strength and endurance to optimize muscle recruitment and time under tension for every muscle in your body.

Pushing and pulling exercises to hit both your upper and lower body from the front and back to build balanced, full-body strength.

Hybrid workout of resistance training and plyometric exercises to increase strength and power all over.

Fat burning agility drills, plyometric moves, and core exercises will have your heart pounding and sweat pouring  while building speed and agility while getting the abs to flatten and pop.

It’s a TEST! A test of physical and mental strength! Be ready for REPS!

Mobility exercises designed to ease tension and increase range of motion from head to toe. hips, t-spine, shoulders/chest/biceps, hamstrings/calves/ankles, upper body, and lower body.

BE THE FIRST: Join the Exclusive Test Group

It’s your time!

Who’s Up?

Are you ready for Game Time? To Give Everything?

I could continue with cliché statements or I could continue talking to you about things that matter and will help you with your goals after you sign up.

This group launch group, a group to help the people that take it on after you. Those people that need real, the real you, your real efforts, results, hear your opinions and testimonies to get back in the game, get off the couch, to set the standard that if I can you can,

If that is you, its time to do The Work together.

Lower your anxiety: you  have the chance to take the Fit Test BEFORE deciding to make a commitment to the group!


You will be able todo a sample workout when it is released

It’s your time: Let’s Do it!