Fit Identity, now a brand of mine, was coined because of my health, my constant need to evolve my health, and ultimately passionately feel the need to help others change their own identities to healthier fit identities.


Fit Identity was created from a need for change and growth. One that I constantly strived for and one that I saw many friends, family, co-workers, and even strangers in person and online struggle.  


 I constantly see people struggle with who they are vs. who they want to be. So often, I would achieve success and be faced with the obstacle of not returning to who the person I was and maintaining who I grew to become. Along this journey, I watched so many develop a new identity only to return to the past one – that was a driving force for my continuous change and, more importantly, my draw to want to help others, possibly like you, that are reading this to change, grow and maintain your Fit Identity.

What seemed to be a theme in my mind was to get and stay fit at the same time continuously; I wanted that for others. All I could think about was if I changed to be healthier, everything I did would have less stress, and I would have a better opportunity for any success I wanted. My road to success, fulfillment, and happiness would be rewarded. Finding that factual, I wanted others to have the same knowledge and gift.


The following statements were ongoing voices, I would say to myself. Once I would begin to speak to others and start to mentor, coach, teach and live by:

“Change from where you are to where you want to be.

Help bring the healthy vision to life. Give your healthy visions life.”


Change is Never Without Pain.

I want to take a moment to recognize change and the fact that change can be scary, full of the unknown, along with the pain of unpredictable futures. I feel that is where “most” people’s first thoughts go: change is too painful. However, what went along with that is pleasure is far too easy to find.


But where do the minds of not “the most: people go when change is presented? Those minds are excited; they see opportunity; they see GROWTH. They don’t see or feel pain; what they see and think is uncomfortable. This smaller group of people have emotions they have been waiting on, looking for, and thriving with.


You see, change is and can be scary; it is sometimes uncomfortable. Change often disrupts what you have put time, effort, finances, and emotions into. That can be frustrating. Often change can be challenging to accept. But those that can take and create change are REWARDED. The reward of new unchartered behaviors, patterns, opportunities, and progression and, most importantly, change provides the opportunity for growth for oneself and others. Change in Identity drives growth, growth drives IMPACT, and where there is impact, there is where Fit Identities live side by side in thriving Fit Communities and inside a Fit World.


Change Can Be Hard

One of the most significant fears/pain points of difference:


The human mind is fascinating in that it tends to think the worst rather than what we all know to be true: Small changes add to significant changes.

Changing everything at once is radical and often extremely painful, and although the reward of such a significant change can be huge, it is often met with a lower success rate than small changes over time. Change is often NOT changing everything but instead bringing knowledge, skills, experience, and core values forwarded and shifting them onto new growth, change, and coaching moments open mind with a clear vision..

My Talk on Change

Change Can Be Fun

As I write this section, I want to bring up that even with the word “change,” I feel a small amount of pain, just from the word itself. This means I cannot be alone feeling that way, nor am I. Change/Shifts away from one area to another can be fun as you look at the experience you are having or create the experience you want. But, that creation can often be the same environment for you and others to be healthy and fit, to thrive in. 


Change Brings Possibility: Shift Your Vision


Change can be as simple as saying I did not know I had poor vision until I went to my eye doctor and was given glasses. I knew others could see better and wanted to see better, but I was afraid of the cost of the Dr, the outcome, and what I would need to do. But upon leaving the doctor’s Office, you, the world, suddenly looked different, more precise, with richer details and colors, no more fuzz, street signs read at new distances, people’s faces, emotions, and styles, and the diversity became more abundant, all while being seen differently and complimented on your new glasses. It was difficult and stressful to go through the process, but the reward was impactful.

 Now the stress of learning to drive, having clean glasses, having a carrying case, sunglasses with a prescription, sleeping, etc.

Change brings on growth and clarity!  


Honesty Check: 

Some behaviors, patterns, knowledge, and people will need to be set aside, “Let Go,” or managed differently. That’s ok. Priorities must change/shift to (remember this from earlier)

“Change from where you are to where you want to be.

Help bring the healthy vision to life. Give your healthy visions life.”

Thoughts for you After Reading:

  • Is it a change or shift?
  • If you tell yourself things are shifting, do you go to a more positive place in your mind?
  • If you shift, are you still bringing some of the knowledge, fun, success, and skill along with you rather than changing
  • As we move from 2022 into 2023 – Changing and Shifting are inevitable growth is optional.
  • Are these Changes coming? Or are the Shifts? Opportunities?

Growth/Change Brings Possibility: Shift Your Vision

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