If you are asking yourself all or any of these questions you are going to want to read on.

  1. Why is it that some people action more than others?
  2. Why is it that those people seem to get whatever it is they must do, hit their goals, and get what is on their list accomplished?
  3. What is is going to take for you to take action?

The Lack of Action and Struggle with the Success You Want More Than Likely Comes Down to One of the Three Things I am About to Discuss.


1- Raise Your Standards.

The very first area to look at are your standards. The very thing you base your values on. The way by which you live and will not compromise under any circumstances. Good or stressful. Here is where you look at how you live, how you want to live, and what your identity will be going forward.

I am quite confident you have some standards in place already. For instance, how you treat your spouse, maybe your faith, how you will accept to be treated and what you will not tolerate.

Now imagine what if that was the same way you were with your workouts, your nutrition – what you are getting or not eating, your mindset and attitude.

Raise your standards, that’s great and all but how? I will reveal the process to this patterning in part 2 article. But for now, I want you to grasp these 3 concepts. The first being RAISE YOUR STANDARDS. Here the shift is simple, the process and adherence are about creating a new pattern that will make up the healthy fit identity you want. First shift: no longer will you say things like I must, I hope and we will see… This type of language needs to be shifted and changed to I MUST. This shift takes your mindset from beyond a desire and makes the desire a must NOW! By doing so you rebrand and give yourself a sense of a new identity. A place to begin to practice new patterns to the healthy life you want. Inversely, I am guessing, currently, you are struggling with having an honest conversation on what your actual identity is. More than likely you have never had this conversation. And if you have, you focus more on what your identity is not.

Change is difficult and it must exist for opportunity and success to exist. In this first shift I often find myself asking “am I changing the way you feel through pain or through your values, your goals, and systems, your true identity?” Then in the past as I have attempted to get healthier and fail it would lead to frustration, frustration lead to excuses and excuses were just a reflection of me lowering my standards. How is it that I am ok with lowering the standards I set for myself? Out of that came:

The more I dealt with pain the more frustrated I got. The further I seemed to fail and not move forward, I fell into what is called “Learned Helplessness” and came to say that everyone who fails says “I have tried everything and nothing works” – we know that something works so you have not tried everything! I had to say “from today forward I am going to create what I deserve!”


Coming out of raising your standards, the next step is to:


2- Change Your Limiting Beliefs!

You can be inspired to be successful and raise your standards but if in your gut you don’t believe, you say things like “but I’m not good enough, strong enough, smart enough” then doubt exists. In-order for success to exist, doubt cannot. It is your biggest enemy in your road to success. There is enough doubt in this world, the last place you need to find it is inside yourself.

I will tell you where doubt does not exist, where there is certainty. You will not doubt yourself in a position of sense of certainty –in a mindset of whatever it takes I can make it happen no matter what crosses me, that I am bigger than what’s in front of me.

Your biggest challenge on your road to success is to avoid the belief that whatever doubt you are having is permanent – if that is where you are we need to question it! There are things in your life you once believed to be true turned out to be untrue!! This is the same thing with your health. Your health is possible, your willingness to say “This is my life’s standard and I will do whatever is necessary to discover the limiting beliefs that are holding me back and get rid of them”.


The third and final step:

3- Have a System-A Good Success System

You can have standards, and a strong belief, BUT how many times have you said “What do I do?” Think this out, you can be willing, passionate, and driven BUT if you’re running east to look for a sunset – you have a problem. There are laws(things that work) in health, strategies, that will test you, that will have you say I can’t do this.

However, what you cannot do is continue with the false identity. An identity against your clarity, against your dreams, goals, wants and desires. You cannot settle for less. The simplicity of your healthy identity is in the systems.




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