I was thinking of doing the same thing. Just giving up. Throwing in the towel, saying 2020 you win!

I was trying to go to the end of the year and then cut my hair and beard off going into 2021 as a sign of letting go of 2020. I stopped cutting both in October.

Today I woke up and said to myself why would you wait to let your hair go? Why would you wait on feeling better about yourself? Why do you still want to look like Santa when you can look like an athlete? And why wouldn’t you finish out 2020 fresh with momentum! Why give in. and waste valuable time.

Waiting is a form of excuses. Waiting is fear, and waiting is WEAK.

I was done waiting, I decided at that moment to step up and crush the end of the year and not wait. Yes, that’s all it took was a decision to raise my standards, change my beliefs, stop with the negative self-talk, and actually do something about it.

I really looked like Santa! I mean for real-look at the photo. My hair was long, my beard was overgrown, I have struggled with workouts because of ankle surgery and gained 10 lbs of thiccccccc-ness. Right there at that moment, I decided I was wasting time and my potential.
I cut my hair, shaved my beard back, and committed to losing 10 lbs by the end of the year with my team.

Yes my team, I messaged them as I knew I could not be the only one that needed a mind shift and butt kick. I was not surprised they wanted in along with our customers. You see in times of challenge we find the fun. What could be more fun that team wide push of winner takes all!

I tell you this as I know there are many people that feel the same way I was feeling: over it, sliding, loke giving up, defaulting to starting and dealing with it all next year all while hoping 2021 will be better. I am not one to run from the truth, the truth was I was a mess. In a mess that a lot of people can relate to. Most won’t do anything about it unless someone like me steps up and says join me, pull your head out of your butt and do something about it. I got you.

I am hoping as you read this it lands on ears that need to hear it.

I am saying you can too! You can even join me. I’m sort of a good coach(lol), accountability partner, and support tool with knowledge, I need you to be good at changing your life.

Send this to someone that needs to hear exactly this: stop waiting on feeling great, the year to end, and start today.

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