Practice Makes Permanent

Mike Karpenko

One of my natural instincts is to problem solve. Solve immediately. All with the best intentions. I want to help, take struggle and pain away.
Knowing all good and well LISTENING is the key.

It’s an ongoing battle, a skill that is yet to be mastered by myself.
It’s a holiday weekend as I am surrounded by others and although i might have the answer, I will be listening as much as possible.

Practice makes permanent.

Don’t Be Velcro for Negativity

Mike Karpenko

MOST OF THE TIME: Your bad day is really just a few minutes you choose to hang on to. FACT.

This is a shout to out to all of you going through something.

To those going down rabbit holes.

To those who put your expectations on others and get frustrated they continuously fail to meet them.

That can’t stop assuming, making up reasons why in your head.

That can’t seem to let go.

I’ve been there, choosing to hang onto moments allowing them to influence me, not letting go day after day. And NOT believing it’s just a moment, a thing, or a reflection of where that other person is at. It’s not a bad day, week or year.

You are a powerful mother fer. Don’t be velcro for negativity or a chef for cooking up bad thoughts, stories or outcomes.
Let’s do our part to be overly supportive to our friends and family in their lives, businesses, activities, causes and not social media spectators. People need to hear and feel our support. We don’t do enough. TRUE FACT.

Superfood Shake

Superfood Shake-Mike Karpenko

If you have followed me for awhile, you know my morning routine is one that sets me up for success. It’s a very intentional and thought out plan that not only helps me stay consistent with my health but also my nutrition. My Superfood shake is so much more than just a protein shake. It […]

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Morning Celery Juice-Health Benefits

Morning Celery Juice-Health Benefits-Mike Karpenko

Without fail, after my cold shower, I make my celery juice. There are so many health benefits within this glass on an empty stomach, that missing this part of my routine would be foolish. The health benefits that are found in your cup full of celery juice would blow your mind. I can promise you […]

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