I love the questions I get asked about what I do. I’ve answered them here—honestly, but with some humor.

Q. Aren’t you worried Beachbody is going to disappear?
A. Yeah, totally I am. People have been asking me this for 15 years now…come on!

Q. I heard people are leaving Beachbody for other businesses.
A. People change and grow—follow your dreams not my dreams! At the core, we are going nowhere—that’s why we continue to follow up with you every month, every week, every day. We are solution-based, help-based, support-based, vision-based, not one-and-done, not in-and-out.

Q. How’s the pyramid thing going?
A. Pretty good…how’s your Monday morning commute in traffic? Text me when you get there—I am worried about you being out there with all the traffic and crazy angry morning commuters. Me? I’m all good—I just stepped over my laundry and almost tripped spilling my shake all over the place!

Q. How much can I make?
A. How bad do you want it? How much drive and passion do you have? How much are you willing to risk? The income is what you make of it. It’s no guaranteed paycheck every two weeks, you can’t just check in and collect a paycheck, your income can be more then the 3% you might get each year as a raise, your income can be more than your “boss” because you can be compensated on your success.

Q. Are you traveling on vacation again?
A. Um, traveling yes, vacation never. I always work. Not not all day in a cubicle or an office for one or two weeks of vacation—I work every day whether I am at home, in plane, in a different country, snowboarding, at the beach. Whether it’s Monday, Thursday or Sunday. Make no mistake—I SET MY SCHEDULE! I earned the right to do that.

Q. Is coaching easy?
A. In one word—NO. It’s work. It involves caring, emotions, weight loss, health, nutrition, commitment and consistency. So, is it easy? HELL, NO. But, it is rewarding, fun, and seems easy at times!

Q. You have all the time in the world—you work at home.
A. I have the same 24 hours you do. I choose different risks and different ways to spend my time. I started with Beachbody riding a skateboard to and from the office with no car AND I got in the office before everyone else getting my boss coffee who was wayyy younger then me. Let me know where I can serve you your slice humble pie.

Q. Do you even work?
A. Sometimes I don’t think I do. Other times I want to pull my hair out while asking myself in my head after I have responded to the same person 20x and had phone calls with them—WHAT MORE DO YOU NEED FOR ME TO DO TO SHOW YOU I WANT TO HELP YOU????

Q. Yeah, but how much does it cost to be in a group with you?
A. WAY less than I am worth. I’m not afraid to tell you that. And, less than your health, happiness, and future are worth.

Q. How did you get so lucky?
A. (After I stop laughing…) Luck had nothing to do with it. You have no idea what I have done, given up, risked, and worked on to be doing what I am doing.

Q. What’s the No. 1 thing I need to do to be successful?
A. FAIL. Failing requires action, action produces knowledge, knowledge reduces fear, fear can kiss my ass.

Q. Okay, what’s No. 2?
A. Trust systems, be organized, set goals, dream big and ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS have a foundation to help others.

Q. What’s the biggest mistakes you see or have made?
A. People being who they are NOT. There is only one you—OWN THAT! Be authentic—quit FAKING IT, and trying to play to audience rather than being yourself. Trust me, fakeness will always surface. You can’t hide it.

Jealousy is improper focus. Stay in your lane and don’t worry about what other coaches have or don’t have. That is just wasted energy that you could have used to thrive.

Too many people want to overcomplicate things. Simplicity wins in helping people.

If I did not show up every day authentically and genuinely care, show people what I do, how I do it, when I do it, and how it helps me, the team, the community and other people, then how in the world could I ever expect anyone else to trust me and see my value (AKA it cost way less then I am worth!)???

Q. So I have to get product monthly? Workout daily? Eat well and drink a shake daily?
A. Nah, you should only be worried about your fitness, health, and future for 21 days…30 days max. Then, you are all set. I am a miracle worker! NOT. I mean, come on… YES! You did everything, but that, before. It’s time to switch things up, don’t you think? Think Start Date, no End date, Continuous.

Q. What has been your No. 1 benefit of being a coach?
A. There are so many—from helping others all over the world, to helping myself evolve as a person, to meeting so many people I would have never been able to be friends with, to the ultimate of having time freedom. The No. 1 thing is hands down—freedom of my time. It has afforded me the financial means to drop everything at a dime and be there for the people I love at any moment, at any place, for as long as they need me, and THIS has made me a better person.

Q. Yeah, but can I really create a business and earn a good income coaching?
A. Hmm, it’s all Monopoly money. The cool thing is when I pay my bills, the bank, my rent, for my cars, and whenever I go anywhere to buy something, they all accept Monopoly money. When did this change??? It’s work—you get paid.

Q. Is coaching glamorous? Your life seems perfect.
A. BAHAHAHA…then you do not follow me enough. I post about it all the time. I struggle, I have bed head, I have issues gaining weight, sometimes I want to stay in bed, people tell me NO all the time, I have bills, I can be lonely, I’m single, life can seem like it sucks sometimes, so I am not sure about this “perfect” life you speak of. But, on the flip side, I also have wonderful friends, family, and I do live in Santa Monica SUPER close to the beach. Great days…bad moments! Nothing is perfect!

Q. If you did all over again, would you still coach, work at Beachbody, and for Beachbody?
A. I bleed blue. I have since the first phone call in 2004. Beachbody has always been family for me. Some days you fight and disagree with family, but you never turn your back on them! NEVER—and that goes both ways.

Q. Should I become a coach?
A. Why should you NOT become a coach? Do you want to help others? Do you want to play it forward? Do you dream big? Are you waiting for someone to believe in you—someone to give you an opportunity so you can prove to others your greatness? Are you ready to work? You want to fail, but are driven by passion and vision? Are you happy with where you are now? Are you ready to do what you have to do to create a change in your life?

Any other questions???

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