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Mike Karpenko

I’m a Team Beachbody Coach: My social media: THE TRUTH

Milestone 1: SAY YES & START

Comments I have heard:
Man you have it dialed it
Your pics are amazing
You have a photographer everywhere you go
I wish I could do what you do
You write so well
I need a camera lighting set up
You are always traveling having fun
You get to do cool things
Must be nice

What you may not know:
I often feel out of control and the world is crumbling
My pics take SEVERAL tries – most of them suck
I take every pic, mostly with a timer
You can do what I do, I don’t have special spidey skills
I have por grammar and misspell words
Most of my pics are on my iphone with a tripod
I barely traveled for years so I could travel now
You see all the Uncool things I have to do
Its nice but it happened because of sacrifices

Social media shows arms, abs, trips I go on, I live at the beach, my friends are the shit, my life now is blessed –However I live operate and train and mentor in the trenches
What it does not show: I knew a lot of people in high school but felt like I had very few friends, I went to summer school often, I graduated 279 out 356, I failed out of college 3x, ruined my credit, been broke as a joke, went through an irs audit, was a professional couch surfer at each of my friend’s places, I rode a skateboard to and from work at the age of 30; my boss was 26 – I would get her coffee, I had no savings until I was 40.

I started coaching without a mentor, support, any knowledge of how to build a coaching business. I was a trainer, none of those skills applied, well a few: get up early, schedule times to work and show up every day.

I made no money for months but I needed it. I have a spouse to lean on, a second household income, a partner to help out with things that needed to get done in coaching or at home. I still showed up.

I am looking for 5 people to join our team, start a milestone:

When joining us, you get our team, mentorship, tools, a community & system.

Requirements: high work ethic, fun af, ability to survive, fail, get back up. Snowboarding and a love for whiskey is a plus.

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