Solutions Not Resolutions

Set goals that are challenging but attainable

Most people set goals that only involve the big picture ex I want to lose 60lbs

You need to know exactly what your goal is.

  1. Then you have smaller cycles within that period 
  2. Say you set a 90-day goal.  
    • Break that up:
      • 3- 30 day cycles- you will want to hit a certain goal every 30 days 
      • Break the 30-day cycles into 4- 1 week cycles 
      • Break the 1-week cycles into daily 
    • Simply put you need to have SMALL goals inside the large goals 
    • You can not achieve your big goal without having several small VICTORIES
  3. Set Goals 
    1. Don’t make them too big, too crazy  
    2. Most people set too many big goals or goals that they know have a high rate of failure, set a goal that is challenging and may not be achievable- success is fun! 
    3. Plan 
    4. You need a plan, you need to think ahead.  
    5. When are you going to get it done?    i.     I had clients on their off days getting up at 4 am to do their cardio runs to get it down
    6. Make sure it’s fun!
    7. Always have fun, even when it sucks!!  
    8. I promise you if you do not make your process a fun road and your road .. you will not continue to do it 
    9. Support- family/friends
    10. Tell them what you are doing, how you are doing it. How hard it is how much fun it is, your success/struggles.  
    11. When others see your goals, your efforts, and emotions they are more likely to contribute and offer support.  They will eat/cook healthier too,  your kids/spouse will want to go on walks/runs, do fitness videos with you!  
    12. Find someone that you can check in with that will hold you accountable. I call my clients nicely! I make them text me on days they do not see me.  
    13. Nutrition is Key!
    14. You need to plan and you need to make it simple. Don’t overcomplicate
    15. Tupperware- use it
    16. Shopping ahead of time
    17. Huge fan of Green-White 

When in doubt with your nutrition anything green and leafy as a carbohydrate combined with anything white grilled protein .   I cut out all starchy carbs, dairy, and refined sugars- start from there and add back in as needed.     I always eat eggwhites steel-cut oats for breakfast, salad for lunch always works.

Two things I focus on:  

  1. If you need a cheat food- earn it! 
  2. I am a big fan of making dinner every night with your family, a healthy dinner, It’s another opportunity you can show your commitment thru actions and communicate at the table, and you get in great family time! 

Tips & Tools

  • Heart rate monitors get into a habit of knowing how many calories you are burning. If you want to lose weight its basic math Calories burned need to be GREATER then calories taken in 
  • Write yourself a letter WRITE it do not type it. Write it as to what your goal is and why you want it to achieve, THE REAL REASON!  Be honest to yourself.  This can be as simple as a reunion, a cruise or could be a tough one. Mine was literally I will not be a skinny kid with no dates ever again.  Then I ask they put it in an envelope & write WHY or IN 30 Days, IN 60 Days, IN 90 DAYS, TO; ME put  that envelop somewhere you can see it often. 
  • I have clients put a calendar on their refrigerator at home. The Kitchen is the most common space in every home. You, your family and your friends are constantly there, talking, looking for or preparing food/drink.  I have them put an \ for a day that they worked out and a / for a day that they eat well. Each day should form an X at the end.
    • The goal here:
      1. To string as many X’s together in a row
      2. To have yourself, family & friends see you have a goal and the success you are achieving as you do
      3. To prevent you from overeating or grazing

With this comes a couple of sets of emotions

  1. When people see it you become “ooh you are trying a new diet/workout/new goal. You are that person”
  2. You start to get compliments on your focus and your dedication
  3. Compliments on your appearance 
  4. Questions of what you are doing and can they do it to
  5. Sense of achievement and affirmation from people around you- this feeling really helps you push harder and not stop

Your workouts should change in intensity, duration, resistance,  & speed every 3-4 weeks or you will plateau. Running on a treadmill for the same amount of time, at the same speed will eventually produce no results 

Workouts are Appointments- one you do not break- I like to say they are a meeting with a CEO, the President. No one needs to know what your appointment it, they just need to know that time is already taken. If tell people what it is they will immediately think their needs are more then yours and try to convince you of breaking your appointment with yourself. 

Tupperware is a great best friend! It helps my clients prepare all the food they need for the week, in times of convenience, so you are not reaching for other what are considered “comfort foods” My clients use them to put premade chicken in, steak, brown rice, salads. AND BUY new stuff!! Its cheap and eating out of and using new makes it that much more fun! 

Fear is not an option!! You can be afraid to sweat, You can not be afraid to be successful,

 Thanks, I Worked Hard For It

  • No compliment is too small not to appreciate and say thank you and recognize that you have worked hard, sweated, and focused on 

Don’t Beat Yourself up Over Falling Off Your Resolution Wagon

  • Life can and will get in the way, it happens. The true key is what you do when it does. How you get back up, how you prevent yourself from having it happen again, and finally how you limit the number of times you fall. 

Make Yourself a Priority

  • There is no one in this world more important than you. Argue with me, you will never win.  Not your husband, not your kids, not your family. It comes down to simply understanding that if you cannot be the best for yourself there is no way you can be the best for them. And they are the ones that need you the most. 

Fitness Credit Card

  • It’s a concept I have been working on. 
  • It basically says if you have a party, a birthday, an event or just need a cheat day, you have to put your calories in account before you can consume them.  If you do not it’s like holding a balance on your credit card. Getting that balance back to zero is going to be very difficult unless you have built up a surplus. Don’t carry a balance. Do a longer, harder workout, do doubles, DO NOT STARVE yourself!! But build the credit up before you swipe the card! 

There Are Emotions That Go Along With Resolutions

Be prepared to hear it all… 

  • Comments both good and bad 
  • Feelings you are not going to understand, new feelings 
  • Embrace the changes, and sometimes as you change so will your resolutions/goals. 
  • Remember you may not even be able to see the changes that you are going thru, you have to trust in the people that love you that when they see it it’s happening! 
  • Don’t be afraid of success or not reaching your goals you learn from each!! 
  • Seek help, it’s a great thing to reach out and ask for help, there are tons of people like me that want to help as many people as we can, we love doing it. 

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